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Cow Creek Meat

Family Freezer Box

Family Freezer Box

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This subscription box includes and assortment of roasts, steaks, ground products and breakfast products. Enough to feed your family for the month! 

Breakfast Cuts (5-6 lbs) 

Nitrate Free Bacon, Jowl Bacon

Breakfast Sausage 

Ground (10 lbs):

Fresh Ground Pork, Mild Italian, Hot Italian  

Ground Beef 

Ground Lamb


Steaks (10 lbs):

Pork Rib Chops, Pork Loin Chips, Pork Sirloin Chops 

Top Sirloin, Round Steak, T Bone, Rib Eye

Chicken Thighs, Chicken Wings, Chicken Breast

Lamb Chops 

Fajita or Kabob Meat


Roasts (10 lbs):

Chuck, Sirloin, Cross Rib, or Rump Roast

Pork Shoulder 

Lamb Shoulder, Lamb Shanks 

Whole Chicken 


* if you have a preference on what you’d like in your box, reach out and as long as inventory is there, it can be accommodated *

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About our Beef

Our cattle are raised in a low stress environment on native grasses for the majority of their lives and finished on grains for the last 180+ days. Our cattle do not receive any growth hormones or antibiotics.